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King Maximo and the Number Knights book cover

Whether you are homeschooling or teaching a class, King Maximo and the Number Knights is a delightful, engaging way to teach the basics of numbers to young children. The story, written as a series of 12 lesson-chapters, retells how King Maximo sent his 12 number knights out into the world charged to discover the greatest of the numbers. The knights go out and then return and meet in King Maximo’s great hall. As each tells the tale of his adventures, we find that each knight has a different opinion of what is, truly, the greatest number.

“Included with each chapter is a shield that evokes the wonders of the number that that chapter’s Number Knight found to be the greatest. These shields are just right for the artistic element of each lesson, and are sure to engage the students, as they also convey much of the essence of the number they represent.” -Nancy Parsons of Bob & Nancy’s Services


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A sequel to King Maximo and the Number Knights is now available.

Those who have already read King Maximo and the Number Knights, will be interested in hearing of the further adventures of Sarah, the unlikely hero of that story. This sequel follows Sarah as she relates to her former playmates what the Number Knights have shared at King Maximo’s feast. We watch as the children integrate what they have heard from Sarah about the archetypal qualities of the numbers 1-12 into their play in the meadow. At the end of each chapter, the particular Number Knight, recognizing their achievements, shares a further activity with them.

This story began as a manual for teachers and parents to explain how the material presented in King Maximo and the Number Knights may be developed into imaginative, hands-on learning activities that would help foster a joyful, active, creative and imaginative relation to mathematics. What is most unusual about this “manual” is that the instructions are given, implicitly, through the children’s conversation and purposeful play, with a little guidance from the Number Knights themselves.




  Even if Multiplicando weren’t teaching, it would still be a great children’s story, with warm and funny characters, interesting adventures and one surprising discovery after another on each page.  The fact that this riveting story also teaches multiplication and its relationship to the other 3 mathematical processes, and teaches all this so clearly and thoroughly, makes Multiplicando a gift for the ages.

Divided into twenty-two chapters, Multiplicando, follows the humorous adventures of (who else?) Multiplicando, Jester to the Court of King Divide and His Queen, Her Highness Minus.  Using these stories over several weeks, teachers and parents can lead their students into the mysteries of multiplication, and come to see its relation to division, subtraction, and addition.  Students will come away with a story they will remember well enough to look back upon as adults, and with a clear understanding of multiplication and the nature of all 4 processes.

Additionally, at the back of the book the author has shared all sorts of teaching tips and tricks, so many that its a bit like finding the King’s treasure house. -Nancy Parsons of Bob and Nancy’s Services