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LemonTree Press is dedicated to producing books which are entertaining and engaging to children, but which, beyond this, provide gateways into areas of traditional academic learning.

The Impact of LemonTree Products

In Waldorf schools the beginning of formal language learning, reading, etc. is marked by the introduction of the letters of the alphabet. You might say, “Yes, and what else is new?” But the in-depth treatment of the letters, or sounds, goes far beyond children learning to identify, shape and use the letters for reading and writing. The goal is, through an artistic approach, to touch the children and to have them participate deeply in the experiencing of language.

Each letter becomes like a book in itself. Typically the teacher tells a story in which a certain image within the story, in the form of the particular letter, emerges. On the board there is a colored drawing of, for eg. a MOUNTAIN, a TOWER, a SNAKE, a BEAR or a BUTTERFLY etc., in which the shape of the given letter may be highlighted and identified, within the drawing. Attention is given to the sound of the letter, not its name. We can see the confusion caused by b,c,d,g,t, etc., which really do not ‘rhyme’ except in their name ending. (Bye, bye alphabet song.) Each letter/sound has a distinct quality which the teacher brings out. Contrast a T and an S, for example. Interesting, too, about the neighbors M and N. Bringing the letters through storytelling and the various art forms provides a wonderful impetus for the child to connect with the world of language through their imagination. 

It was out of this experience as a teacher that I eventually came to write LMNOP and All the Letters A to Z. I wanted to give children a poetic grounding at the outset of their education. It was so much fun writing LMNOP and there were so many new insights into language to be had from teaching in this way that I wanted to pay it forward.

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A Greater Understanding of Waldorf Education

“I have seen Howard’s approach bespell undergraduates as he leads them in story-inspired activities on the campus lawn, demonstrating how Waldorf education, and his own curricular creations, unfold. Howard conveys this mission, so typical of Waldorf schools, to teach through art-not letting it become just another subject, but a conduit for reaching and teaching children.”

Scott B. Waltz, Ph.D


Focused and Engaged Kids

“The LMNOP Program was highly educational, and at the same time, thoroughly engaging. The children were enjoying themselves so much that learning seemed to be a by-product. Quite notably, a wide variety of skill areas was involved: literacy, poetry, music, modeling, crayon drawing, painting, physical movement, drama, and social skills…”

Ruth Brittany

UCSC Children’s Center

Layers of Creativity, Artistry, and Understanding

“Howard Schrager’s work is not Waldorf inspired, it is an example of what Waldorf can be with an experienced teacher, who has decades of teaching experience and who digs deeply into the pedagogy over the years. There are layers of creativity, artistry, and understanding in this work that came out of decades of work, artistry, and collaboration with others who are experienced and working with Waldorf and Anthroposophy.”

Lisa Boisvert

MacKenzie-Waldorf Homeschools

Beyond Teaching

“Even if Multiplicando weren’t teaching, it would still be a great children’s story, with warm and funny characters, interesting adventures and one surprising discovery after another. The fact that this riveting story also teaches multiplication and its relationship to the other 3 mathematical processes, and teaches this all so clearly and thoroughly, makes Multiplicando a gift for the ages.”

Nancy Parson

From Hate to Love

“My daughter hated math all year in the first grade. Then we used King Maximo, and SHE LOVED IT!”

Yara B.

Homeschool Parent

So Much Learning!

“Thank you so much for sharing your expertise, knowledge and creativity with us through your books! Ronan asked me, “Mommy, can my head explode from loving what I’m learning soooo much?” Thank you for helping us fan his flame.”

Elizabeth Mayer

Educator, Homeschool Parent

Numbers Come Alive

“We worked through the Number Knights as our first formal introduction to numbers. My daughters ate it up. You made the world of numbers come to life, not just for them, but also for myself.”

Amy W.

Homeschool Parent

Learning Comes Alive

“I cannot adequately say how much I love your materials. It has been amazing to work with Sarah and the Number Knights. It makes things so alive, and the children feel as if they are IN the story. Thank you for writing these books so that parents, teachers and children can experience this!”

Marie L.

Homeschool Parent

A Complete Experience

“Sarah is a masterpiece – you have woven such a complete experience for the reader, including therapeutic movement, song and speech – through story.”

S. Jones


Integrated Learning

“The children adored the story of King Maximo and loved drawing pictures of the shields which helped them to integrate the math concepts we were learning.”

Anne Cleveland


My Favorite Part of Teacher 1st Grade!

“Using King Maximo and the Number Knights was my favorite part of teaching 1stgrade! My lessons on the qualities of the numbers were exciting for the children, easy to plan for me, and memorable for us all.”

Giulie Garland


Rounds of Applause From My Students

“I have used Howard Schrager’s King Maximo and Multiplicando in all of my classes to rounds of applause from my students. These characters do the impossible: they make math a warmhearted relationship, filled with adventure and beauty.”

Tamar Kern


Howard Schrager

As a Waldorf educator for 40 years, Howard Schrager has been working to cultivate a type of learning based in imagination, creativity, and physical activity. Recognizing how this approach not only teaches, but enlivens children, bringing out the best in them, he has sought to create stories & poems which do just this. To further this mission, he founded LemonTree Press in 1999.

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